Sunday, February 24, 2013

A Cat with A Hat and Friends Math Centers

Well friends I am just totally crazy about what I have created for you all this week! Dr. Seuss' Birthday is coming up very soon and I wanted to celebrate with some new Math Centers. There is a missing addend match up game with 32 cards and 16 matches, a missing addend worksheet and a two digit addition worksheet for your class celebration! Everything is ready for you. You need to print, cut and copy! It is that simple. I am planning a celebration when I get to 100 followers on my blog and 200 likes on my facebook page! There will be a Target gift card and some goodies from my blogger friends! Join in the fun! Get your Cat with a A Hat Activities here!
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Friday, February 22, 2013

President's Day and How to Draw a Portrait Freebie

We have had a lot of fun with social studies centers this week. The honeys really enjoyed them each day. Here are some of the activities that we did in a simple rotation that involved moving activities from table to table rather than moving children. We did a simple comprehension President's Day booklet from The Education Center that had fact paragraphs for the job of the president, George Washington, Abraham Lincoln and then a spot to write and draw about our president. The photograph shows what one of my sweeties wrote about Barack Obama. I love the drawing! The next activity was writing about what made us proud to be Americans. We created a word wall and each child focused on what he or she wanted to say. I loved reading their stars. Today we will decorate the back of the star. I got this from another teacher and when I find the link I will link it up. The last photographs show the presidential portraits they drew. These are just a hoot!! Everyone in the school has been commenting on them and complimenting them. This is my freebie this week. You can teach young children to draw portraits with an easy oval method. I have drawn a quick sketch to show you how I teach the children. They draw everything on their own and then color the portrait. Similar portraits would be wonderful gifts for Mother's Day, Father's Day or you could have the kids draw any other historical or modern figures. I just love these and the children loved creating them. I hope you can make some with the children you love!
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Monday, February 18, 2013

Heart Month Art

We are lucky to have a set of stethoscopes in our school. The children enjoyed listening to each others heartbeat. They listened to the resting heart and then to the heart after some activity. They were amazed. "I can I hear my heart beep!" said some with a fascinated look on their faces. I gently reminded them that it was their heart beat but they were too cute!! In an earlier post I had shown a simple art activity that goes along with Valentine's Day and Heart Month. We created this bulletin board using this sheet. It is a lovely board. Soon I will add a template to do this with Shamrocks. If you need a display board this is absolutely beautiful and it was totally created by the children.

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Let the Sun Shine In!! Art meets Science

I love to take any opportunity I can to blend art and science together! We have been studying the solar system for a couple of months. We have focused a lot on the phases of the moon. I wanted to work in some lessons about the sun since we depend on it for important detail for us all! This is a lovely simple activity that uses coffee filters, water and washable markers. We used warm colors like yellow, orange, red and I threw in some pink for extra brightness. The children color the coffee filter with the markers. This is one of those activities where more is better!! They rarely hear more, more. Coloring the coffee filter. Coffee filter after it was sprayed with water. We sprayed them at our tables and then went out to play. The filters dry very quickly provided they are not absolutely soaked. You may want to write the children's names with permanent marker if you are planning on leaving them somewhere else to dry. These photos are after the filters dried. We glued them to dark blue paper for contrast and then each child wrote some facts about the sun. We talked about absorption as they watched the colors move with the water. They were fascinated and many of them just sat quietly and watched the colors blend on their coffee filter. This activity also makes a nice display for a bulletin board if you need one! Enjoy this version of Mr. Sun, Mr. Sun, Mister Golden Sun from The Giggle Bellies. I love it!
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Friday, February 15, 2013

+1 -1 Math Centers St. Patrick's Day and Transportation

Hi all! This is a short post! I wanted to give you two freebies in one. The transportation math center can be put in your centers whenever you need something and the St. Patrick's Day Center will get you ahead on your planning. Enjoy! You can find the math center here at Teachers Pay Teachers!
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Sunday, February 10, 2013

Addition, Adding and Subtracting within 20 and Valentine's Day

This is a quick post filled with freebies for you.
This is a worksheet to get the honeys thinking about adding or subtracting up to 20. 1.OA.5 and 1.OA.6 You can get it here. There is also a two digit number addition worksheet with a Valentine's Day Froggie and an extra one with a Honeybee theme. You can get it here. Last but not least is a fun Valentine's Day Fish that the children can color by choosing their own colors for the number. It is a great activity for early finishers or something for filling the occasional extra minutes of the day.
I hope you enjoy these freebies. Please remember to visit the blogs of other author's on Classroom Freebies. They made time to share things with all of us! Please leave a brief comment if you can. I love to read the comments and I always respond. I would love to gain new followers so please come back and visit or stay awhile if you can. Have a great week! Sarah
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Play Dough Tens and Ones and Self Made Word Sorts

Teaching tens and ones to first graders is always a bit tricky! You will think they have it! Then you ask them to apply it in a different way and oh's time to reteach. This year I have been trying to get in a lot of variations for all kinds of learners. I love play dough and the kids love play dough so away we go with play dough for tens and ones. I simply had the children to roll ten tiny balls of play dough and then mash the ten tiny balls together to make one. They did this in math centers. The children enjoyed the activity and it gave them a concrete representation of the singles transitioning into one. The next time we do this I am going to have them decompose it after they put roll it into one. They will be happy to see play dough in the math centers. Who knew learning could be this fun?
We love using word sorts in our class. This week I had the honeys fold their own papers for the word sort. They wrote the words on the paper themselves and then cut it apart. We were learning about -ed and -ing endings. They had a word bank to choose from for the words. After they cut their words apart they found a partner and played a memory game matching the -ed to the -ing endings of the same word. They switched partners a couple of times and they loved it. I was really proud of how well they worked together. We are going to do another self made sort this week with contractions.

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Quick and Easy Valentine's Day Art Activities

Valentine's Day is quickly approaching so I went in search of some art activities that the children can do after finishing daily assignments. I wanted activities that could fit in a folder and just needed ordinary materials such as crayons. I wanted to share with you some activities I am planning to let my children work on next week. This is a favorite from
I have created a sheet with two hearts on it to get your little ones started. Adults love this project also so print one out for yourself!
I created this Valentine's Day Fish for the children to color. They choose the colors to go with the numbers. I love giving the children a choice whenever possible. You can get your Valentine's Day Fish here. I hope these easy, colorful and fun activities will find their way into your Valentine's Day Fun! I have a freebie for two digit addition Valentine's Day math in my last blog post so explore a little and see what you can find. Happy Friday!L
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Freebie Two Digit Addition for Valentine's Day and a Buzzing Bee

I have been exploring some new ways to make activities and looking for some more black line art. I love color and I print my non-consumable centers in color and on card stock whenever possible but there are certain types of activities that are just better in black and white...not to mention the savings in ink. I wanted to share two sheets I put together for two digit addition. It seems like a lot of first graders are working on this skill now.
You can get your freebie here on google drive. I would love some comments on what products you use most black and white, color or a mix of the two?

Sunday, February 3, 2013

St. Patrick's Day Math Freebie and a Cutie! Can you resist??

I hope you will enjoy these two free math centers. One is for St. Patrick's Day and one is a use anytime math center with a transportation theme. The St. Patrick's Day game is a -1 game and the transportation one is a +1. The highest number is 20 in both games. They are both in the same file. One of my favorite books for St.Patrick's Day is Jamie O'Rourke and the Big Potato by. Tomie DePaola. Follow or check back for some activities to go along with this book. You can get your freebie here. Now for the cutie. My daughter adopted this sweet puppy. I hope two freebies and a cutie will get your week started off right. Introducing my fur baby, Rivers, with my daughter, Emily! Enjoy your your week!
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