Friday, February 22, 2013

President's Day and How to Draw a Portrait Freebie

We have had a lot of fun with social studies centers this week. The honeys really enjoyed them each day. Here are some of the activities that we did in a simple rotation that involved moving activities from table to table rather than moving children. We did a simple comprehension President's Day booklet from The Education Center that had fact paragraphs for the job of the president, George Washington, Abraham Lincoln and then a spot to write and draw about our president. The photograph shows what one of my sweeties wrote about Barack Obama. I love the drawing! The next activity was writing about what made us proud to be Americans. We created a word wall and each child focused on what he or she wanted to say. I loved reading their stars. Today we will decorate the back of the star. I got this from another teacher and when I find the link I will link it up. The last photographs show the presidential portraits they drew. These are just a hoot!! Everyone in the school has been commenting on them and complimenting them. This is my freebie this week. You can teach young children to draw portraits with an easy oval method. I have drawn a quick sketch to show you how I teach the children. They draw everything on their own and then color the portrait. Similar portraits would be wonderful gifts for Mother's Day, Father's Day or you could have the kids draw any other historical or modern figures. I just love these and the children loved creating them. I hope you can make some with the children you love!
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