Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Snowman Fingerprint Ornament Created with Dollar Store Ornament

It has been a week of trying to seek a sense of normalcy when things don't make sense. I have reassured my children that I am there for them and I am keeping everything moving along. They are so excited about the upcoming holiday as children should be. I wanted to share with you all these adorable ornaments we created using dollar store ornaments. I found the ornaments seven to a box at my local Dollar Tree. The children created the snowman by making a thumb print, pointer finger print and a pinkie finger print with white acrylic. After the paint dried they decorated them with different colors of sharpie. They wrote their names on the backs of the ornament. I had a parent to help get the ornaments started with the thumb prints but all of the children drew their own snowman. I just love them!! They are so sweet and creative. They are going to make a great keepsake for the parents. We have three more days to go! Peace and blessings to all who love children.


  1. These are the sweetest! I love them!! I wish we had another week before Christmas!
    Owl Things First!

  2. I absolutely love these, and the fact that it's a Dollar Tree Craft!


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