Monday, February 18, 2013

Heart Month Art

We are lucky to have a set of stethoscopes in our school. The children enjoyed listening to each others heartbeat. They listened to the resting heart and then to the heart after some activity. They were amazed. "I can I hear my heart beep!" said some with a fascinated look on their faces. I gently reminded them that it was their heart beat but they were too cute!! In an earlier post I had shown a simple art activity that goes along with Valentine's Day and Heart Month. We created this bulletin board using this sheet. It is a lovely board. Soon I will add a template to do this with Shamrocks. If you need a display board this is absolutely beautiful and it was totally created by the children.


  1. Your blog is very cute! We are your newest followers! Love the Valentine art!

  2. Beautiful hearts display! Looks like you're getting very close to the 100 mark. Be sure and let me know if you want anything for your celebration- I am happy to donate!
    Granny Goes to School


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