Sunday, February 17, 2013

Let the Sun Shine In!! Art meets Science

I love to take any opportunity I can to blend art and science together! We have been studying the solar system for a couple of months. We have focused a lot on the phases of the moon. I wanted to work in some lessons about the sun since we depend on it for important detail for us all! This is a lovely simple activity that uses coffee filters, water and washable markers. We used warm colors like yellow, orange, red and I threw in some pink for extra brightness. The children color the coffee filter with the markers. This is one of those activities where more is better!! They rarely hear more, more. Coloring the coffee filter. Coffee filter after it was sprayed with water. We sprayed them at our tables and then went out to play. The filters dry very quickly provided they are not absolutely soaked. You may want to write the children's names with permanent marker if you are planning on leaving them somewhere else to dry. These photos are after the filters dried. We glued them to dark blue paper for contrast and then each child wrote some facts about the sun. We talked about absorption as they watched the colors move with the water. They were fascinated and many of them just sat quietly and watched the colors blend on their coffee filter. This activity also makes a nice display for a bulletin board if you need one! Enjoy this version of Mr. Sun, Mr. Sun, Mister Golden Sun from The Giggle Bellies. I love it!
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  1. Thanks for the great idea. Sometimes in the push to get things done, I think we neglect the arts. My students will love this. Thanks for sharing.

    Kathy's First Grade Adventure

  2. What a FUN idea! Now I just need to figure out when to squeeze it in:)

  3. Very cool idea! I may tweak this a little for an art night we have at our you got me thinking! Thanks!

  4. Very fun idea. Simple, yet beautiful.

  5. I will definiyly have to do this with my kids today

  6. Beautiful! I'm not a coffee drinker but I gotta get some coffee filters to try this out!

  7. Oh those make great sun's. We did something similar in the hospital, but ours were made into greeting cards.


  8. That is such a great idea! We made coffee filters into flowers before, but I love the sun idea!

  9. Sarah, the last thing we need to do for our weather unit is sun! This is a great idea- thank you for sharing!!


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