Thursday, February 7, 2013

Freebie Two Digit Addition for Valentine's Day and a Buzzing Bee

I have been exploring some new ways to make activities and looking for some more black line art. I love color and I print my non-consumable centers in color and on card stock whenever possible but there are certain types of activities that are just better in black and white...not to mention the savings in ink. I wanted to share two sheets I put together for two digit addition. It seems like a lot of first graders are working on this skill now.
You can get your freebie here on google drive. I would love some comments on what products you use most black and white, color or a mix of the two?


  1. Hey, I'm up the road from you in Vance County. Thanks for the freebies. According to the Core (our 2nd year with it), we are teaching our math problems horizontally. (county wide) Are you doing the same yet?

    1. We are teaching the children a variety of ways to solve problems because the state testing is still using a variety of methods. The "real world" hasn't caught up yet! I encourage the children to lay put their problems in a variety of ways. How are the children doing with only the horizontal format?

  2. Woohoo! Thanks for these. They are great and in perfect timing. :D

    ~Nikki T
    Smart Tarts Learning


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