Thursday, July 4, 2013

Despicable Me Review and Despicable Me Party

We saw this movie on July 3rd and I couldn't be happier with the sequel. It was as fun and delightful as the first one. This one was actually fluffier than the first one. Love is in the air for Dru this time. I won't spoil it. You will have to see for yourself. The movie has enough villain action to keep the plot moving but the minions almost steal the show this time. We are still in love with Agnes and the it's so fluffy.. The girls are growing up and I love the way Dru faces some of the same challenges that we have have to deal with as parents. I'm sure we look almost as ridiculous as he does. At least our kids would say so.
Despicable Me Party

I found this pin that features everything you need to have Despicable Me Party. I may have to find some kids and have a party.

Here is the website for all the party goodies from Fabulously Smitten.

I wish the movie would have been rated G. It seems that even Pixar can't resist throwing a "What the ____" in the movie. Of course the blank is blank but it was obvious in the movie and really unnecessary. I'm assuming some of the PG rating was for the action and peril in the story. All and all it is a lovable movie and brought smiles to everyone's face. This will definitely be on my list of I can watch again and again movies! Go, see and laugh! I can't wait to see what the minions are going to be up to in their feature movie.

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  1. I just saw the movies for the first time this year! My grade 6 class chose to watch the first one for their end of year party! Too freakin funny! I would like to invite you to come and link up with a special Back to School with Bloglovin LInky! While you are linking up, you can download a great freebie and enter to win your own personal laminator!


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