Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Snowy Fun! Snow Globes and Writing

My regular readers will remember one of my posts from a couple of weeks ago when I was pleading and whining for snow. Well guess what? It hasn't gotten any better. We had 70 degree weather over the weekend followed by two cold rainy days and now a teacher's worst nightmare it appears that it will be raining all week!! No recess and the rainy day wiggles are turning into a week's worth of wiggles!! My honeys are actually doing fairly well poor things. We are doing Reading 3D Assessment and the DIBELS Assessment so it has been a fairly steady stream of quiet working time and Mrs. Winchell's nose in the iPad. They want a bit of snow and so do I!! ( but not until the assessment window is over) I wanted to share some writing we did earlier in the year. We have holiday pals that we send cards to through Project's by Jen and the theme this year was snow globes.
If you are wondering about the gators that is our school mascot! The honeys did a great job and they fancied up their letters with some glitter glue. If you would like a copy of the snow globe writing paper you can find it here. I also found this cute snow globe idea made from a baggie on Pinterest. I love it because baby food jars are small and they break! The directions are in French but the photos are great and the ingredients are simple. I love it. We are going to make it soon in my class. I will post photos then! Rain, rain go away we want some snow for a better day!
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