Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Santa Wars Elf Addition Fun and More

It has been a crazy week and it is just Wednesday well almost Thursday! We went on our annual trip to local historical museum on Tuesday. It is a favorite trip of mine because I love, love old stuff. I have a lot of vintage clothes, a spinning wheel and I like to make stuff that looks old. Like this vintage hat I made for my daughter to wear when she was working the Titanic Traveling Exhibit.
My Mom taught me to do this stuff..she liked old stuff too. It could border on potential hoarding but I always feel better after I watch one of those shows. I thank God someone can help those folks and hope I don't need it myself one day. Teachers have hoarder tendencies don't tell now. Anyway back to the story. One of the docents for some crazy reason told the kids you know your Mom and Dads put the stuff under the tree...oh my...scandal and southern indignation broke out. Well who knows what happened to that poor fellow well we had already had the Santa Wars as I call them in the class. I tell the kids I believe in goodness and love and if that is what Santa is about well I believe!!! Anyway the honeys are still believin' and all is good in my little corner of the woods! Whew....that was a tale. Now I haven't created this week but I found this cute elf activity for adding over at Teach with Laughter. You will love it. Check out it and leave some nice comments!

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