Monday, December 31, 2012

Learning Something New Happy New Year!

I'm always learning or at least trying to learn. I really love this quote from Van Gogh. You can get your own version here on Google Drive formally known as google docs. My children at school hear me say "I can't get into your brain but you can open up your brain!" at least a dozen times a week. One of my goals is to teach the children that they are in fact in charge of their learning. I am a facilitator, a hawker, a convincer, a story teller, an encourager, an actor and somehow a teacher! I tell them I have to learn all the time. As a teacher every year is an adventure in learning and I'm not always sure what will work and what will not work. So I must learn, retool and keep at it! January is what is famously known as the light bulb month in our profession. Will I see it flicker and burn in that little learner I have been trying so hard to reach? Or will I need to relearn and reteach again only time will tell! I'm keeping my fingers crossed as I know teachers around the world are. Happy New Year to everyone and here's hoping our hard work is continuing to make difference in the lives of children.
On another note I'm about finished with my Peace, Love and Learning Unit. Please check out the sample page below.
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  1. hi i'm your newest follower via Learning With Leah ~ nice blog!


  2. I love learning new things too. Van Gogh's saying makes so much sense. Thanks for sharing. Michele

    1. Even though it can be confusing I love this quote also!
      Thanks for commenting on my blog. I appreciate it.
      Happy New Year!


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