Sunday, July 21, 2013

Technology In with New and Out with the Old?

There have been times in my teaching career when I have embraced technology and other times when I just wanted to do things the old way, the familiar way. We have all been there. When a cash register stops working in a store and one helper after another is called to fix it and I think just get out a piece of paper already. Add up my total, get the tax percentage and let me pay and get out of here...oh that won't work because I'm paying with a debit card none of that old fashioned cash for me. I just have to wait it out with all the other folks who are contemplating switching lines or checking their watches or should I say their smartphones. Technology is here to stay and is moving at the speed of light it seems. I am always seeking a balance between using the tried and true methods and the new technologies. My goal is to give each learner what he or she needs to truly grasp a skill. Most of the time that is a combination of methods and media.

This summer I'm tutoring from my home. I work with the children on math and reading. I often use the ipad while tutoring. In the photo below one of the children I tutor is using a math app for learning adding mulitple numbers. This app is Hungry Fish and it is a popular app with the children I teach.

In this photo my student is still using the ipad. She is using the app Splash Math but there is also something else in this photo. She is using manipulatives at the same time. I could tell that she needed something concrete as well as conceptual. You see that she is also wearing a hat and a robe. These come from a costume box I have so children can become a character and role play a context from a story. It turns out that mixing the old with the new was the best solution for this learner.

What ways have you mixed the old and new in your classroom to help a child learn? Leave a comment below and tell us what is working in your teaching setting. I would like to invite you to check out a new Pinterest Board that I created called Technology Resources in the Classroom. I'm spending time looking for resources that you can use.

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  1. Using manipulatives and the iPad at the same time is a great idea. I too am torn between old and new. I created a skip-counting card game called Speed! and my husband created an electronic version for it on the iPad. The cards show a picture of a chain of beads to help kids who are just learning to skip-count. Having a physical bead chain along with the physical cards or electronic game would be even more effective for the hands-on learners.

  2. Hi.
    Thanks for commenting. I love manipulatives and children really need them. The app sounds great. I will check it out. I'm glad to see you are part of the home school community. I'm to reach out to a variety of teachers.
    All the best,


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