Saturday, July 27, 2013

Reading Strategies to Help Build Reading Confidence

Reading Strategy Number 3~ Circle It to Show You Know It

If you missed the other reading strategies link directly to it from here. This is a link to my site Teaching Resources for the Classroom.

3. Circle It to Show You Know It! it s fun practical reading strategy that I created to use with readers who need to develop confidence. It can be used with any level of reader. I find that many readers know words but do not have confidence in their ability to read the words when presented with a book or a page full of words. The photo is an example of a passage from a Magic Tree House book that I am using with a student.

I copy a page from a book I know the reader likes for educational purposes. I ask the reader to circle each world that he can read. If you pick the just right text most of the words will be circled. Just right texts are texts that the reader know 94% of the words. Here is poster with the Goldilocks Rule and the Five Finger Rule for picking texts. This is easy to teach to children.

The children love Circle It to Show You Know It!. It is visual reminder of what they do know. I put the percentage here so you could see it. I don't do this on the reader's page. For most of the children just seeing what they know is a huge revelation to them. Their faces light up. This strategy would work for adult education as well. The written page suddenly becomes less scary and more like "Hey I can do this!" I have had children carry these around and show their families and friends. Sometimes I think we should frame their sheet. If you use this strategy in your classroom or home school drop and tell me how it worked for your reader. Do you think this is an effective strategy? I welcome your comments below! 2 more strategies are on the way.

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