Friday, November 23, 2012

I Love Poetry! Poetry Mentor Texts - Stenhouse Publishers

 I found this excellent book about poetry today!  You can read the entire text on line if you have time...find the the time.  Relax on your couch and read.  I was totally pulled into this book.  I use poetry a lot in my classroom.  There are so many option for using poetry: language development, word play, expressive language and even our youngest children can experiment with lists for poetry.  Chapter 3 in this book discusses list poetry.  List poems can be used in preschool and modified for children my adding adjectives, verbs and phrases as they mature as readers and writers.  I  have had a lot of success using acrostics with my class this year.  We wrote some especially wonderful ones after a visit to the apple orchard using the word "apple".  I was so thrilled with each child's work.  Poetry is an area where each child can experience success.  There is such an abundance of poetry around that with some effort you can find some your children will like and will fit in your curriculum.  The Common Core Curriculum focuses on getting children to write, read and express themselves verbally.  Poetry can address all these things.
Enjoy!  I will share some of my students poetry soon.  Please check back or I would love for you to follow my blog.  A poetry freebie is in the works.

Poetry Mentor Texts - Stenhouse Publishers


  1. Thank you for sharing that resource! I also just adore using poetry in the classroom. I think it's really a wonderful way to teach vocab and comprehension.


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