Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Ten Days of Technology for First Grade Day Five BBC Bitesize

I love the BBC Bitesize Website. One reason it took me so long to start writing this review was that I had to spend some time exploring again! Whenever I'm digging around in this website I'm always finding new goodies that can be used in the classroom. If you haven't found this resource yet you are missing out. There are great animations and games for every subject and activities that will work with Common Core for all ages. There is a lot of science material here which is totally amazing since good science material is hard to find on the web. One of my favorites is for forces and motion. Max is a crazy little caveman guy trying to figure out if he should push or pull something. The kids love this little wild man. You will be in love with this resource please visit BBC Bitesize and see what you can find. Enjoy,

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