Saturday, March 15, 2014

Rainbow Acrostic Poem for Kindergarten and First Grade

acrostic poem

Acrostic Poem in Kindergarten and First Grade

My talented student teacher has been teaching the children about adjectives and character traits. She came up with a project that combined both of these using an acrostic poem format. The children thought of a character trait to go with each letter of their name. They used a format we created to write and organize the poem. Check out the adjectives in the photo above. One says, "educated" this was written by one of the kinders!! Hooray!! This just made my day. This little girl would barely say a few words when she can to us. Now she feels educated.

arcostic poem

The children came up with their own ideas. After they wrote the acrostic poem, they glued it to a cloud and then added the words on the rays! I got out the cotton balls and the writing project was complete with puffy clouds. As the children were finishing they listened to Happy by Pharrell Williams. They were so cute as they celebrated their projects. It was a great moment! Take time to enjoy Happy from Despicable Me. It can truly make you happy.


Haylee is doing a great job. The future of teaching looks bright!!

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